How to Build a Custom Shower

img_body-1There are many unique solutions available for varied applications. Please stop by and see our shower experts for advice and recommendations on building the shower of your dreams.

When planning your shower configuration make sure you consider the following-

  1. How the door will open, slide or swing? Check the clearance to make sure there is enough room for a swinging door.
  2. If you are considering a frameless enclosure make sure that there are studs behind the tile where the glass will meet the tile. This will ensure proper strength of the glass clamping mechanisms.
  3. Will the water flow directly on to the glass or is the area large enough to have only splash back hit the glass? This may influence the type of hardware and vinyl edging that is used.
  4. Where will your towel racks go? Do you need to include one on the shower?
  5. If you are still in the planning stages or the tile hasn’t been installed yet, this is a great time to visit our showroom. We will be able to help you with the planning to make sure you get the shower that you’re hoping for.
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