A Little History About Making Glass in the USA

A little history about making glass in the United States….

A glass-house built near Jamestown in 1608, the year after Virginia was founded, was the first factory in the English colonies in America. In that year eight Poles and Germans were brought there to make ashes, soap, pitch, tar and glass. From ashes were obtained lye for making soap and potash for fluxing glass. Some glass shipped to England in 1608 or 1609 was among the first exports of the colony. Interfered by the craze for raising tobacco, the manufacture of glass was suspended about 1615. In 1621 another glasshouse was erected in which Italians made beads for trade with Indians.

We’re fortunate to have several glass plants in Denver so we can get tempered glass for custom shower enclosures, Insulated glass units and custom shaped glass in a matter of days. We stock sheets of annealed glass and mirror that we can custom cut in a matter of hours!

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Hillcrest Glass is a full-service glass shop located in Longmont, Colorado.  We have been providing glass in Longmont, Boulder, and nearby communities on the Northern Front Range of Colorado since 1969. We’ve been locally owned since the beginning.

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