Custom Glass Handrails Define the Space

A custom glass handrail can add a huge impact to any home. To get the best possible results the whole system from stair treads to the shoe that will hold the glass needs to be a part of the initial design. There are some pretty good ways to add glass to existing posts. The system is dependent on post strength and building codes in your area.

Glass railings add a dramatic design element to your stairs or balcony

  • This glass will bounce the natural light around your space
  • Allow a sight line through the railing system and enhance the other design elements
  • Enhance an outdoor view

A couple of things to keep in mind if your considering a custom glass handrail:

  • Consult with your glass contractor before you begin construction, they can give you advice that will save you money, headaches and meet building code
  • Building codes play a big role in the design of glass handrails considerations include:
    • The number and strength of posts or the shoe on the floor which hold the glass
    • The type of glass that can be used; tempered or laminated
      The hand railing or top cap system that can be used
  • Some pictures that you see on line might not meet building code in your area, so be ready to make modifications

If you want to open up your space, add light and drama and improve sight lines a custom glass handrail just might be what you need. Updating your stairs with glass will enhance any space from modern to mid-century designs.


One homeowner said:

“I consider the glass railing the jewelry in our entryway”. That’s the perfect way to describe it!

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