Custom Glass for Your Home

Are you looking for custom glass for your home? We love to help with design and material selection, if you have a vision we can make it a reality. No matter what size or shape you need, we can give you options to choose from.

Serving the front range with custom residential glass for more than 45 years we have the experience to provide you the best custom glass for your home.  Call or hit Free Estimate for a no obligation quote.

Here are just a few examples of custom glass projects:

  • Table tops & furniture top glass
  • Glass handrails/railing infill
  • Shelves
  • Cabinet Front Glass
  • Custom fabrication including circles, holes, shapes and edge work
  • Fire rated
  • Tempered/safety glass
  • Back painted glass in custom colors
  • Glass walls and room dividers

Here are some images of the custom projects we have worked on:

More about the custom glass work we provide:

Custom Glass Table Top:
If you need glass to go on top of a wooden table you need to
measure the size of the glass, note what the corners are like. If the corners are rounded you can make a paper template of them and we can match the profile. If the corners are square we can “bump” the corners with a sander, that will make the corner less sharp but still match the profile of the table.

The edges of table top glass look very nice with a shop polish. We have examples of this in our showroom. Several factory polishes are available as well.
If the glass is an irregular size make a paper or cardboard template and we can usually cut it to a unique shape

If you need glass to fit inside a frame that does not have support under it you most likely will need tempered glass. Tempering triples the strength of the glass. You need to make sure that the glass can fit with in the frame, if there is a lip that the glass needs to slip under there need s to be a way to open the frame to get the glass in, if the frame is welded so that it can not be opened we might not be able to get the glass in.

Custom Glass Shelves:
Glass shelves cam be made of glass from ¼” to ½” thick. When thinking about shelves you need to consider:
The weight of items placed on the shelves
How the shelves are supported; around the edges, or just on the ends

If heavy items will be placed on the shelves or it is in a shower the glass will need to be tempered.

Shelves can be cut in many custom shapes. A good way to get exactly what you want is to provide us with a paper or cardboard template.

Cabinet Front Glass:
We have many kinds of patterned glass in the showroom that is ideal for cabinet fronts. If you don’t see what you like we can order other types. We install the glass by adhering it with silicone it into the cabinet door. This method provides a neat seamless look and is easy to clean.
Glass fronts on cabinet doors can really update the look of a room. Glass cabinet fronts look great in kitchens, dinning rooms, bathrooms and family rooms. You can have glass panels put into existing cabinets for a fairly reasonable price. You can use clear, patterned or beveled glass depending on the look you are going for, what you will be keeping in the cabinets and your budget.

Some things to consider:

1) Clear glass really shows off the items that are behind the glass, adding lighting inside the cabinet will further amplify the show case aspect.

2) Patterned glass comes in many varieties and differs in opaqueness, price and style. This glass can enhance the room design without amplifying the show case effect. These also look great when lit from the inside.

We also offer custom cut mirrors, window screen repair and custom shower enclosures.

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