Custom Cut Mirrors

custom cut mirror in a bathroomWe provide mirrors to fit any residential or commercial application. Our glaziers will measure and install mirrors to your exact specifications.

  • Custom size mirrors in 1/8”, 3/16” , ¼” thicknesses
  • Expert mirror installation
  • Full mirror walls for studios or gyms
  • Holes cut for outlets or lights
  • Safety backing available
  • Mirrors installed in your frames

Contact us today for a quote on custom cut mirrors.  If you are looking for additional customized glass options visit our custom glass page or custom shower enclosure page.

Looking for more about custom cut mirrors?

We can cut custom mirrors to fit many different applications. When we field measure for mirrors we will look at:
How flat the mirror wall is, as well as adjacent walls and the ceiling
Access to the space to make sure the mirror will fit into the space
Electrical and pluming fixtures that may need to be removed
Measure to provide cutouts to accommodate electrical boxes

Once the site has been measured and all of the above is taken into account we will provide you with design options for your space.

Most large mirrors are installed by adhering them to the wall, and using a piece of “J” channel at the bottom. On smaller mirrors clips may be used. We will discuss the options with you.

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