Custom Glass Handrails define your space

  A custom glass handrail can add huge impact to any home. To get the best possible results the whole system from stair treads to the shoe that will hold the glass need to be a part of the initial design. There are some pretty good ways to add glass to existing posts. The system is dependent on post strength and building codes in your area. Glass railings add a dramatic design element to your stairs or balcony This glass will bounce … [Read more...]

Custom solutions for homeowners are what we do best!

Custom Steam Shower: We designed this steam shower with one of our great contractors who builds custom homes in north Boulder, Rob Luckett Builders. The homeowners asked for a sleek design that didn't compete with the clean lines in their new home. We designed a narrow door without a transom, it's 96" tall. The side panel with a notch for the bench is a huge piece of glass, it weighs in at nearly 160 lbs. It was a little tricky getting this … [Read more...]

Sleek steam shower enclosure

This 90" tall steam shower turned out beautifully. It bounces so much light around this small bathroom that you don't even notice that it's only pint sized! The homeowner wanted the sleekest design possible so we did a tall door without a transom; they plan to vent by pushing the door in when they're finished showering. Just beautiful and a great use of glass. … [Read more...]

Avoid a metal header by using a panel to the ceiling

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Fogged Insulated Glass ?

Now that the sun has come out your window glass might not be looking its best. If you have window glass that is fogged we can replace it within your existing frame. We'll match the glass that you have with a new sealed insulated unit that has a 10 year warranty. Give us a call with the approximate size of your fogged glass and we can give you a quote right over the phone. Let the sun shine in! … [Read more...]

European Steam SHower

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Beaytiful Steam Shower!

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Beautiful Framless Shower Eclosure

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We Love Our Customers!

We've always focused on treating our customers well and doing great quality work. Over the past several weeks we've gotten a bunch of five star reviews! Customers have mentioned: Our quality work and attention to detail Great customer service with regard to scheduling,  communicating details and ease of paying Neat and attentive glaziers in the field Quick turn around time It's so nice to get reviews from happy customers as they are … [Read more...]

Glass cut to size in our Longmont shop

If you need glass cut to size we're the shop for you. We can cut glass in thicknesses from 3/32" to 1/4" in house. Thicker sizes can be ordered from our suppliers. So if you need glass cut for : Picture frames Table tops Shelving Cabinet doors Home projects Just give us a call, we can take the order over the phone and have the custom cut piece of glass ready for pick up in short order! … [Read more...]

Replace your wood hand rail with glass !

Do you have a wooden hand rail that looks old and weathered? A great way to update the space with a low maintenance material is to use glass. Glass is easy to care for, doesn't need to be refinished and really improves the view. We'll help you design the perfect glass hand rail for your space. … [Read more...]

A little history about making glass in the USA….

A little history about making glass in the United States.... A glass-house built near Jamestown in 1608, the year after Virginia was founded, was the first factory in the English colonies in America. In that year eight Poles and Germans were brought there to make ashes, soap, pitch, tar and glass. From ashes were obtained lye for making soap and potash for fluxing glass. Some glass shipped to England in 1608 or 1609 was among the first exports … [Read more...]

How to keep your shower glass clean with out using harsh chemicals

  Here is a quick, easy, green way to keep your shower glass sparkling clean. Try this method while you're in the shower with products that you already have and you'll never have spotted or milky glass again. Just a little elbow grease a few times a week and you'll be amazed at how great your shower glass will look. Instructions Things You'll Need: Any kind of shampoo Nylon puff body scrubber Step 1 While you're in the … [Read more...]

How to add glass fronts to cabinet doors

Download in full PDF format. Glass fronts on cabinet doors can really update the look of a room. Glass cabinet fronts look great in kitchens, dinning rooms, bathrooms and family rooms. You can have glass panels put into existing cabinets for a fairly reasonable price. You can use clear, patterned or beveled glass depending on the look you are going for, what you will be keeping in the cabinets and your budget. Some things to consider: 1) … [Read more...]

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