Custom Glass Handrails define your space

  A custom glass handrail can add huge impact to any home. To get the best possible results the whole system from stair treads to the shoe that will hold the glass need to be a part of the initial design. There are some pretty good ways to add glass to existing posts. The system is dependent on post strength and building codes in your area. Glass railings add a dramatic design element to your stairs or balcony This glass will bounce … [Read more...]

How to keep your shower glass clean with out using harsh chemicals

  Here is a quick, easy, green way to keep your shower glass sparkling clean. Try this method while you're in the shower with products that you already have and you'll never have spotted or milky glass again. Just a little elbow grease a few times a week and you'll be amazed at how great your shower glass will look. Instructions Things You'll Need: Any kind of shampoo Nylon puff body scrubber Step 1 While you're in the … [Read more...]

How to add glass fronts to cabinet doors

Download in full PDF format. Glass fronts on cabinet doors can really update the look of a room. Glass cabinet fronts look great in kitchens, dinning rooms, bathrooms and family rooms. You can have glass panels put into existing cabinets for a fairly reasonable price. You can use clear, patterned or beveled glass depending on the look you are going for, what you will be keeping in the cabinets and your budget. Some things to consider: 1) … [Read more...]

How to replace double paned glass that is broken or fogged

Download in full PDF format. If you have a fogged or broken double pane window (also called an insulated unit) you don't have to replace the whole window. You can just have the glass replaced and keep the existing frame in place, then there won't be a problem matching frames and you’ll save money. Even if only one piece of glass is broken or fogged you'll need to have all of the glass replaced. These insulated units come sealed from the … [Read more...]

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