Back Painted Glass Case Study

Boulder, Colorado
Hillcrest Glass, back painted glass

Back painted glass offers an almost limitless scope of effects and finishes creating a beautiful design element for a wide range of applications. We can develop individual colors and styles and match existing colors or create one just for you. Back painted glass can contain art work, letters, numbers or patterns. Add this to a range of textures such as metallic, fluorescent, opaque and translucent along with the ability to screen any graphics onto the glass, and the design opportunities are limitless.

The Back painted glass process is a permanent, color fixing coating for glass. The process utilizes paint computer color-matching technology combined with a unique additive that can be efficiently applied to nearly every type of glass. Once the color has been applied, it melds to the surface of the glass to form an impervious and durable finish, which retains the fullness of the color applied. There is a ten year warranty on the product.

The inherent durability and waterproof nature of glass make this product perfect for back splashes, wall coverings, counter tops, partitions, hand rails, free standing walls and more. Glass requires less maintenance and outlasts most current architectural finishes. Glass is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor germs or bacteria as well as offering structural strength, durability and it is also non-porous. This product lends itself to both residential and commercial applications. We have samples in our showroom.

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